CRNO Membership

Benefits of Membership:

  1. Opportunities for professional development and networking,

  2. Profile for your Cardiovascular Rehab program listing on CRNO directory with unlimited access to the Members Only section of the CRNO website,

  3. Opportunity to provide input into the future planning of cardiac rehabilitation in Ontario,

  4. Membership in a network that will provide provincial leadership and advocacy,

  5. Receive information regarding professional and educational opportunities relevant to cardiac rehabilitation in Ontario.

  6. Each CRNO member is assigned a password to the CRNO website that they may use to access member functions.

Membership Categories

  • Individual
  • Institutional (multiple members from one site and its satellites)
  • Satellite site (affiliated to an institution with at least one member base on site)


  • Individual: $25.00
  • Institutional membership (single site) registration
    • 2-5 members: $100.00
    • 6-10 members: $150.00
    • >10 members: $250.00 Multi-site membership - includes satellites. Adding on other satellites as you go - $25.00 each.

(Please note that total number of members per institution should include satellite site staff. Also, please include contact names with contact information for additional sites.)

Select Membership Option for Online Payment

Membership Cancellation

You may cancel your membership at any time. This will remove you from future CRNO communication and cancel access to the members tab of the CRNO website

Membership Registration

Please fill in the online registration form (once available), or download, complete and send in the membership registration form, to renew your annual membership or become a new member.

Terms and Conditions


  • To qualify for membership, an individual must be involved in some capacity with an Ontario cardiac rehabilitation program.
  • Membership in the CRNO shall be limited to persons interested in furthering the objectives of the CRNO and shall consist of anyone whose application for admission as a member has received the approval of the board of directors of the CRNO
  • A member is also highly encouraged to be a member of the CACR and support the mission and objectives of this national organization.
  • Members will have voting privileges in the CRNO and can stand for office as outlined in the bylaws.
  • Individual membership: Professionals working in cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Organizational membership: Programs that offer cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation.



• Membership renewals are due by March 31st of each year. Your membership privileges will also expire at this time.
• Memberships are not pro-rated, if renewing/signing up late, note that your membership starts at the time of renewal and will still end March 31st in the year of renewal.
• Memberships are available on an individual/institutional basis and are not transferable.
• No refunds.


Membership Rates

• Membership dues will be assessed annually by the Board of Directors to provide sufficient revenue to operate the affairs of the Network.
• A receipt will be sent by email after processing is complete.


Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct

It is a condition of affiliations that students and members of the Ontario CRNO maintain a high level of ethical and professional conduct. This code should be considered the standard of propriety by which you conduct your relationships with colleagues, members and allied professions and the public.

Members should strive to improve their knowledge and skills and be prepared to disseminate their findings to both their colleagues and to the public in a timely fashion. Members should maintain high professional and scientific standards and should safeguard the public interest against members who are deficient in ethical conduct or professional competence.

Maintenance of Good Standing

Any student or member required by law to be licensed, certified, or otherwise regulated by any government agency or professional CRNO in order to practice his/her vocation must maintain standing in the agency or CRNO as a condition of continued membership in the CACR and the CRNO. Any expulsion, suspension, probation, or other sanction imposed by such government or professional body on any member may be grounds for disciplinary action by the CRNO.


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